Phongsupthavy Road-Bridge, Building and Irrigation Construction Sole Co., Ltd was founded by Mr. Phongsavath SENAPHUAN and registered on Jan.01.2001 in accordance with Laws of the Lao PDR. The initial registered capital was 1.5 Billion Kip. The preliminary principal business activities were on Road, Bridge, Building and Irrigation construction.
In 2011, the Company successfully increased its capital from 1.5 Billion Kip to 15 Billion Kip, and diversified its business into mining, industrial, agricultural, real estate, tourism and energy sector.
In 2021, the company changed the name to Phongsupthavy Group (PSTG), and increased the registered capital from 15 Billion Kip to 3000 Billion Kip.
In 2023 PSTG has been conducting the business on green sustainable development such as energy sectors, infrastructure, banking, real estate, tourism, mining, trading, movable assets and sustainable agriculture. Each business sector reflects the PSTG Group’s unwavering commitment to growth, and alignment with global Sustainable Development Goals, positioning PSTG as a beacon of progress and sustainability in the region.


In early 2001, the Phongsupthavy Group (PSTG) was founded, initially focusing on construction, particularly on several rural road improvement projects in collaboration with the Lao Government.

By 2010, the company pivoted, enhancing its business objectives. The shift saw an upgrade from basic construction contracts to more comprehensive Build, Transfer, and Benefit arrangements for road construction, buildings, and other infrastructure projects. That same year, PSTG also expanded into the movable business sector, modernizing its organizational structure

In 2011, PSTG embarked on its inaugural hydropower project. This move marked a significant expansion of corporate resources, with a focus on design, development, and construction. This venture became a cornerstone of PSTG's capital investments. Currently, the company boasts 110 MW. from 4 hydropower plants, with another 102 MW. from 3 plants under construction. An additional 293 MW. from 5 upcoming plants is anticipated. PSTG's ambitious goal is to achieve a total installed capacity of 1,000 MW. by 2020, encompassing hydro, wind and solar power sources.

Since 2014, PSTG has diversified further into trading and agriculture, reflecting modern business practices and responding to the needs of society.

2014 – 2019 PSTG constructed completely 9 projects: 233.3 MW

There are 12 hydropower plant projects is under constructions with the total capacity of 436.5 MW. And in the planed there are 55 hydropower plant projects in which the installed capacity of 6072.2 MW. Besides, there are 8 wind power projects is in the planed as well, in which the total installed capacity of 4700 MW.



“A Global Multi-faceted Business, The Lead Source of Renewable Energy That Charge The Battery of Southeast Asia”



“ To Be a Green Business with Social Responsibility that Brings Progress to The Nation and Run Business on Fair Deal Basis”

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An ISO 9001:2015 / 14001:2015 Certified Organisation

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Holding steadfast to global standards of excellence,
the Phongsupthavy Group showcases its unwavering dedication to quality, environmental stewardship, and top-tier service delivery. The group’s achievements are marked by the ISO 9001:2015 certification, reflecting its formidable quality management system. In tandem with this, the ISO 14001:2015 certification accentuates the group’s commitment to eco-conscious practices. The accolades don’t end here: the IAS accredited management system certification and the OTABU global service certification are further testaments to the group’s synchronization with international best practices and its undying drive for service perfection.