Location: Bengphoukham Village, Samakhixay District, Attapeu Province
Icon PSG-38Icon-38

Install Capacity: 14.8 MW

Icon PSG-09Icon-09

Number of Generator: 2 Unit

Icon PSG-05Icon-05

Capacity: 7.4 MW / Unit

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Generation: 75 GWh / Year


The Xenamnoy 1 Hydroelectric power project it is located in the Attapue Province, Lao PDR. the construction time period from 05 Dec 2011 to 28 Feb 2014 in which an installed capacity of 14.8 MW. However, According to the employer's requirement and instruction, the installed capacity is (2x7.4 MW) with the annual energy output 70.118 GWH/y, the contractual function is the Design, Build, Transfer to the Xenamnoy 1 Electric co., Ltd is on behalf of the Phongsupthavy Power Co., Ltd.

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