Hydro Power Construction


The Phongsupthavy Hydro Power Construction

The Phongsupthavy Power, on behalf of Phongsubthavy Group Co.,Ltd, has been mobilized a team of expert specialized in planning, engineering and construction carried out a site development. The present, the hydroelectric power plant is incorporated to accomplished and operation as a 4 of hydroelectric power plants, and 108.8 MWh, and expect to earn as to annual energy of not less than 434.288 GWh/y. whatever, in middle of 2016 the energy will increased as to annual energy of 863.248 GWh/y.
The status of the Phongsupthavy Power, on behalf of Phongsupthavy Group Co.,Ltd, in further subject to be development of the power plant and energy commercial in the Lao PDR, such has been mobilized and carried out a signing the MoU and contract with the Lao Government, and energy commercial with the EDL enterprise, and external country cooperation.

ItemName Of HPPLocationCapacity MWhAnnual Energy GWhStarted DateFinished DateCommercial Operation Date (COD)Remarks
1XeNamnoy1 HPPAttapue Province14.8 MW70.118 GWh05/12/201128/02/201411/03/2014
2NamNgiep 3A HPPXiengkuang Province44 MW159.67 GWh14/05/201120/08/201422/08/2014
3NamSane 3B HPPXaysomboun Province45 MW177.5 GWh08/08/201215/08/201526/09/2015
4XeNamnoy 6 HPPChampasack Province5 MW27 GWh11/11/201320/10/201502/11/2015
5NamSane 3A HPPXaysomboun Province69 MW277 GWh08/08/201228/02/2016 ExpectedUnder construction
6NamSo HPPXaysomboun Province7.5 MW29.02 GWh01/11/201330/04/2016 ExpectedUnder construction
7NanPern 1 HPPHuaphan Province27.9 MW122.94 GWh30/04/201330/05/2016 ExpectedUnder construction
8Huoay Ka Ouan HPPAttapue Province22.5 MW115 GWh15/12/2015
9NamXam 1 HPPHuaphan Province75 MW301 GWh30/01/2016
10NamXam 3 HPPHuaphan Province156 MW626 GWh15/02/2016
11NamMon 1 HPPHuaphan Province26 MW114.57 GWh30/11/2015
12NamKan 4 HPPLuangprabang Province64 MW257.8 GWh30/04/2016
13NamSan 3A Expansion HPPXaysomboun Province20 MW88.128 GWh30/12/2015
14NamSan 3B Expansion HPPXaysomboun Province20 MW88.128 GWh30/12/2015
15NamTay HPPXaysomboun Province25 MW101.16 GWh30/01/2015